Worldwide Neighborhoods

When you step into an Applebee’s restaurant these days, you’re not just entering a place to enjoy delicious food; you’re embarking on a visual journey through the heart of each location’s unique culture and community. This transformation is the result of an incredible partnership between Applebee’s and Bitfisher Designs, a creative force known for its ability to turn spaces into captivating visual experiences.

Bitfisher Designs has taken the reins in redesigning over 400 Applebee’s restaurants worldwide, effectively turning each one into a mini-museum that pays homage to its surroundings. Whether you’re in New York City, Guam, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or Indonesia, the decor in each restaurant is a testament to the local culture and neighborhood it calls home.

Picture this: a giant mosaic storefront welcomes you in New York City, while living walls breathe life into the space. In Guam, you’re surrounded by unique artwork and wall coverings that transport you to the island’s vibrant culture. Bitfisher Designs has managed to capture the essence of these diverse locations, transforming each Applebee’s into a visual masterpiece.

The magic doesn’t stop at aesthetics; it extends to the entire dining experience. Bitfisher collaborates closely with Gate 3 Design to fabricate every visual element, ensuring that from the entrance to the back of the house, customers are immersed in a sensory delight. Every piece of decor, every mural, every texture tells a story, enhancing the overall dining experience.

But Bitfisher Designs’ contribution goes beyond what meets the eye. They start with inspiration drawn from the restaurant’s surroundings, crafting digital assets for print, and providing true-to-life renderings that guide the transformation. It’s a meticulous process that ensures every Applebee’s becomes a testament to the community it serves.

This remarkable partnership between Applebee’s and Bitfisher Designs is about more than just design; it’s about celebrating local culture, connecting with communities, and creating unforgettable dining experiences. The next time you visit an Applebee’s, take a moment to appreciate the artistry around you – a testament to the dynamic collaboration between two innovative entities dedicated to transforming dining into an artistic adventure.