Crafting a Visual Brand

When it comes to crafting exceptional beer, the folks at Fin City Brewing Company are the masters. However, they understand that great beer deserves an equally great presentation. This is where Bitfisher Designs comes into the picture.

Based in Ocean City, Maryland, Fin City Brewing Company is deeply rooted in the fishing industry. They’re not just about brewing beer; they’re about celebrating the hardworking fishermen who dedicate their lives to providing for others. These values of dedication, commitment, and celebration extend to every aspect of their business, including the aesthetics of their brand.

Bitfisher Designs, known for their artistic prowess and attention to detail, plays a pivotal role in bringing the Fin City Brewing Company’s brand to life. From the moment you lay eyes on a can of Fin City beer, you’re greeted with captivating custom illustrations crafted by Bitfisher’s talented artists. These illustrations don’t just adorn cans; they grace the packaging, sales materials, and social media platforms.

But Bitfisher’s contribution goes beyond visuals. They’ve worked hand-in-hand with Fin City Brewing to create a complete web design, ensuring that their online presence reflects the spirit of the brand. This includes user-friendly features like online store locators and top-notch SEO to help customers find their favorite brews.

Fin City Brewing Company and Bitfisher Designs share a common goal: to pay homage to the fishermen and their families who make our daily feasts possible. It’s a partnership built on a shared appreciation for hard work, commitment, and, of course, great beer. So, next time you enjoy a Fin City brew, take a moment to appreciate the artistry behind the can – a collaborative effort between two passionate entities dedicated to their craft. Cheers to the fishermen, their families, and the remarkable partnership between Fin City Brewing and Bitfisher Designs!