Bitfisher is, by design, a small firm with huge heart, and big ideas.  At Bitfisher, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with unmatched creativity, fueled by an unparalleled, personalized, one-on-one focus on customer service. 

Bitfisher Design deals with a select customer base so that each and every one of our clients receives the focused and absolute attention they need to feel like our only client and main priority. Having a marketing firm dedicated to understanding and satisfying the unique needs of your business is the first step in viably establishing yourself in the marketplace. At Bitfisher, we’ve understood and successfully served the needs of our exclusive and varied clientele, from mom-and-pop stores to major international corporations, for over 35 years.  

Offering a full continuum of integrated marketing design services, Bitfisher is poised to provide each and every one of our clients with strategic, specialized marketing packages prepared to ensure your success. Contact us at Bitfisher today to find out how our all-encompassing, cost-effective, professionally personalized approach can bring your business to the next level. 


Attention to Detail
As our head product and packaging designer, Bitisher has proven to be versatile and talented. In the microbrew industry we try and set ourselves apart from the competition and Bitfisher Design has taken this concept to the next level. Flexibility, attention to detail, and the ability to take our concepts and put a visual story to them has been a goal accomplished. 

Fin City Brewing CO. / Ocean City, MD

Outstanding Customer Service
As a provider of national freight solutions we have a keen eye for detail. Bitfisher Design has worked close with us to maintain our image and web presence. Utilizing a boutique design house ensures that we get the undivided attention we need for ongoing projects.

H&M Bay / Federalsburg, MD

Remarkable Heights
As our longstanding marketing and design partner, Bitfisher has played a pivotal role in propelling our company to remarkable heights through their innovative branding and marketing strategies. Throughout our journey, marked by substantial growth from a team of 3 to a workforce of 45, and our achievement as Denver’s fastest-growing home builders in 2017, Bitfisher has remained an invaluable asset in our growth story. Their unwavering commitment to our development has been unwavering, offering indispensable expertise and creative solutions in various areas such as logo design, print materials, signage, web development, and more. Bitfisher’s steadfast dedication to our brand and their swift responsiveness to our evolving needs have been truly commendable, making them an indispensable partner in our success story.

Lokal Homes / Denver, CO

Global Scale
Bitfisher Design has made a significant impact on commercial interiors on a global scale, contributing essential elements to brands like Applebee’s franchises, IHOP, and 47 Brand. They are the linchpin for all our top clients, consistently delivering under tight deadlines. Their innovative thinking is a crucial asset when it comes to crafting fresh concepts and reimagining established ones. Over the past 13 years, the powerful collaboration between Bitfisher and Gate 3 has reshaped visitor experiences, revolutionizing the way people perceive and interact with our spatial design projects.

Gate 3 Design / Boston, MA

Comprehensive and Top-notch Package
For an impressive 12 years and counting, Bitfisher has consistently amazed our audience, delivering a comprehensive and top-notch package! Serving as our exclusive partners for marketing and design, they have consistently created extraordinary videos that vividly depict the charter boat experience. Their continuous production of fresh web content and remarkable advertising materials sets us apart from our competitors, capturing the essence of what makes our business exceptional. Bitfisher’s creativity and dedication have been instrumental in elevating our brand and showcasing our services to the fullest.

Moore Bills Sport Fishing / Ocean City, MD

Beyond Creative
Bitfisher has been instrumental in elevating Sneaky Pete’s brand through their exceptional social media management and promotional materials. Their creative talents shone brightly when they crafted a delightfully illustrated coloring book, available for purchase in our boutique, perfectly themed to our restaurant’s ambiance and our wonderful staff. The coloring book has been a hit with our customers, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to their Sneaky Pete’s experience.

Sneaky Petes / Ocean City, MD


Bitfisher provides one-on-one, focused attention to each and every one of our clients.  We will work to understand what your business means to you and your clientele, and together we will build upon this understanding to maximize deliverable results.  The Bitfisher family is made up of professionally trained artists with a creative, acute eye for detail.  

Across a variety of measures, from graphic design and web development to brick and mortar elements, Bitfisher will provide everything you need to develop and define your visual brand identity.  Beginning with custom logo design, Bitfisher will build upon an informed and intuitive understanding of your business in creating your essential marketing elements – from business cards, brochures, and banners, to a variety of print advertising features, and speciality product packaging.  

Maintaining the integrity of your custom, creative brand and marketing identity, Bitfisher will maintain consistent design elements in establishing, and elevating your web presence.  Navigating the many intricacies of developing an effective brand identity online, Bitfisher offers a full variety of artfully integrated web solutions.  To establish and consistently increase your company’s visibility, Bitfisher utilizes stylized site design, and social media campaigns incorporating professional photography and videography, animation, illustration, creative content development, and search engine optimization. Additionally, combining traditional and digital advertising, Bitfisher goes above and beyond to boost your business through direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, and adwords campaigns. 

Rounding out our full package of business development services, Bitfisher’s professional arts and design specialists provide a boots-on-the-ground presence with on-site interior and exterior design, created to enhance the customer experience for your brick and mortar visitors. From custom art to full commercial interior and exterior design, we will develop individualized, in-house design elements, building around your space to optimize your workplace appeal and maximize your workflow. Finally, we will outfit your brand representatives with everything needed to succeed and excel, from custom garments to speciality product packaging. 

We invite you to take some time to explore our creations and reach out to us to find out how we at Bitfisher Design can drive your business to thrive on every level. We strive to provide optimal customer service to each and every client, through every step of the professional development process.  At Bitfisher, we are not happy until you are happy. We want to make your business our business. Contact Bitfisher today for a personalized consultation.